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Got home from taking my cat to the vet (it's their time to get their parts chopped off), and was greeted my my wonderful boyfriend who wanted to talk about CrossFit. Cool. I love CrossFit. Except he had one thing to say about his late afternoon sessions with clients... "what's wrong with Kat?" I guess that's what they had all been asking him after seeing my time on the whiteboard for today's WOD.

What's wrong with Kat!? Seriously? Just because I put up a time that's 2 or 3 minutes slower than the guys there is something wrong with me? Sure I love kicking the boy's butts, and do it on a regular basis, but why must something be wrong if I don't. You want to know what's wrong? I kicked butt in "Angie" yesterday (one of the 4 times below 20 min, out of over 40), I fell down and hurt my wrist, and I wasn't in the mental space going in today. And if you add my times from today's WOD to my time from yesterday I'm still kicking some serious butt.

I don't know whether to be flattered when people ask these questions or pissed off. I can't be the best at everything everyday. And when I get a workout that is filled with my weaknesses (rowing, and anything with a med ball), I don't think it's fair to expect me to excel.

I was, and still am pleased with my result today. I chose to push it on the row and keep that time low, which I did. It was just those darn WB shots that gave me trouble. So what. I met the goal I set out beforehand and that is what matters. Could I have been faster? Heck yes! But this workout would have had to be under different circumstances to do so.

I gave all I had in that single point in time.

2 Response to "RANT!"

  1. Mike says:
    April 14, 2009 at 6:30 PM

    For the record, Kat, I asked Chad "Why didn't Kat post on the main site", and not "What's wrong with Kat". You time kicked ass, so whoever asked that is smoking crack.

  2. Deirdre says:
    April 14, 2009 at 8:32 PM

    Hey Kat - you only have to please yourself. You should be proud of everything you do because from what I can tell you give it your all every time and in everything you do (from a WOD to your gymnastic kids, etc).
    Remember what Chad keeps telling us - everyday is our own personal challenge and your time is just that YOUR time. Today you set your own challenges within the WOD and you kicked butt both within and overall (I agree with Mike, your time kicked ass).

    Don't be pissed, just take everyone's questions with a grain of salt. I'm not sure why people where asking about you but I think you should just let it go because You Rock!

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