2 days until the Canada West Qualifier!

OPT WOD for April 29, 2009:
Complete 3 times for total reps:
20 sec Double Unders (40/43/44)
40 sec Rest
20 sec Situps (20/20/20)
40 sec Rest
20 sec KB Swings (16kg) (11/12/12)
40 sec Rest

Total = 222

WOW! Boy am I pumped up! I rocked those double unders this morning... I was cranking out between 2 - 2.2 double unders per second!!! Wishing I had done the CF Lethbridge WOD yesterday with speed like that. Very pleased with these numbers.

Now I'm just waiting (un)patiently for the WODs to pop up on the website for this weekend. I'm getting prepared... I went out and signed up for a new cell phone plan with Bell and got the Blackberry Pearl. Hoping I can just figure the thing out quick so I can use it for pictures, short videos, website updating, etc. Look for tons of pictures to be posted over the course of the weekend if I do in fact figure it out.

Once we find out the workouts, Chad and I are planning our meals and preparing them for the entire weekend. We found the BIGGEST cooler you will ever find at Walmart. It's so big it has a pull handle, which will come in handy since we will be packing ALOT of food. Look for me to post our meal plans and some pre-Calgary pictures.

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