4 days until the Canada West Qualifier!

3-2-1 Shoulder Press = 75#-80#-86#

10 sec on, 20 sec off Sprint Row x5 for Total Meters = 332m

40 Burpees to a 12" target for Time = 2:15

My rowing is getting better I can tell. First time EVER I have seen the 500m split at 1:42! Whoop, even if it is only for 10 sec. Burpees were a little disapointing... didn't have an even surface to do them on, so my hands were staggered and much more narrow than I would have liked. Stopped twice as well. Oh well, I got it done regardless. Pleased with my press weights, last 3RM weight was 65# and 2RM was 70#, so large improvements there. Only .5# off of my 1RM weight so I'm staying on track.

Rest day for me tomorrow!

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