Well I've started back training. Two workouts completed since the regionals.

Monday, June 14, 2010
A.) Find 1RM Close Grip Bench Press = 120# (tied PR)
B.) Find 1RM Behind the Neck Seated Overhead Press = 80#
C.) Find 1RM Strict Supinated Pullup = 60# (PR by 8#)
D.) DB Ext Rot @ 3010 - amrap/arm one try with 10% of CGBP = 10 R & 13 L

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
A.) Tall Squat Clean - 5 sets of 3; rest 90 sec (work speed not load) = 85#
B1.) Front squat Cluster @ 30X0; x 4; rest 120 sec = 110#, 105#, 105#, 105#
B2.) 10 UB Wall Ball Shots (14#)
C.) GHD Situps @ 2010; 25 reps x 4; rest 90 sec

Pretty stoked that I hit a huge weighted pullups PR on my first day back since regionals and a two week break from training. Feeling pretty good, but I'm not rushing into anything too hardcore. This year I will be concentrating on alot of my weaknesses and getting them up there and feeling pretty damn confident with evry skill should it pop up [while still hoping that HSPU, muscle ups and C2B pullups are in the comp WODS :)]

Goals for 2011:
1a.) 40 UB Wall Ball Shots with 14# to 10' target
1b.) Sub 9:00 "Karen"
2. Run in two 5km races this year
3.) 170# Front Squat
4.) 155# Clean & Jerk
5.) 125# Snatch
6.) Compete in one Olympic Lifting Competition
7.) 250# Deadlift
8.) 140# Bench Press
9.) Compete in the qualifying round(s) for the 2011 CrossFit Games

Life Post 2010 Regionals

One week since the completion of the 2010 Canadian Regional Championships and it feels like ages ago! Since the Regionals, I've been able to focus on completing my Level 3 Practical videos and Yearly Training plan for work and yesterday I spent the day up in Calgary presenting them. I am now officially NCCP Level 3 Certified. This means I am qualified to be on the competition floor at National Championships. Very glad to be done that!!

The weather has turned around significantly since Regionals as well... I'm hoping to spend some time outdoors this weekend fixing up the yard and maybe some activities out at Canada Olympic Park since I will be in Calgary yet again for a Women's Technical Meeting.

Not sure when I will be stepping back into training. I'm definately not ready yet. Will probably take the rest of this month off and just do some light tech work and short runs to enjoy the beginning of summer.