31 days until Canada West Qualifier!

Christine Reinhart and I performing a two person deadlift.
Man I have come a long way since then (this was taken January 2008). Back when I could care less about CrossFit or working out.

OPT WOD for March 31, 2009:
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Rep Rounds:
KB Swing (16kg)
Anchored AbMat Situps

Really disappointed with this performance. I'm exhausted from my loooong hours of work last week, but no excuses. I didn't try and I didn't have the motivation to try. This should have been MY workout. I should have owned it.

Warming up and Chad asked me which workout I was going to do, the CF Lethbridge or the OPT. My response was "well I think I'm going to do the OPT WOD because the movements are a little easier". WTF? Seriously... why the heck would the words "OPT" and "easier" EVER be in the same sentance. And why the heck is a sentance like that coming out of my mouth with only 31 days left until the Qualifiers!

I need a serious kick in the pants. I will try to sleep in tomorrow and actually ATTACK a workout late AM. Both Europe and Australia have their Games Qualifiers this weekend and the WODs are posted, so I may choose one of those. They must have worked together to select the workouts because their workouts are very similar.

Then I plan on hitting up CrossFit Edmonton and/or CrossFit Lineage when I'm up in Edmonton for the weekend. Scope out the chicks (and dudes) that plan on attending the qualifier and see how Southern Alberta is stacking up ;) Just for you Lauren!

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  1. Lauren says:
    March 31, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    Glad to see you back on the blog!!!

    Hit it hard tomorrow chicky!!

    (consider this a virtual kick in the pants :))

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