41 days until Canada West Qualifiers!

Day 1: CrossFit Level 1 Cert!

WOW! What and amazing experience so far! To spend 8+ hours in a room full of 50 other people who are as passionate about something as you are, is an amazing feeling. Plus, getting to chat it up with Chris Spealler is worth every penny!

Working on the 9 basic movements of CrossFit... squat-front squat-overhead squat, press-push press-push jerk, deadlift-SDHP-med ball clean... with these trainers is great experience. Even if you have spot on technique in every movement, the cues the provide to the athletes of various abilities is worth it. Plus, knowing that you're on the right track is great too!

Squat-front squat-overhead squat with Speal. Working on keeping the lower back and hamstrings engaged in the movement. Talked about shoulder flexibility (or lack there of for some) and things to do until the individual works on their flexibility.

Group WOD = Tabata Squats! Speal was right infront of me. Goal was to try to keep up with him for at least 3 sets. Goal achieved! Scores: 26-26-26-26-25-24-24-24. Speal held a 26 across all 8 rounds.

Got to watch the trainers attach a WOD during the lunch break. 10 rounds of: 10 OHS, 7 box jumps at 30+", 5 C2B pullups. Got that one on video! Again, Speal is a machine! But watching Nadia bust out those pullups and Lisa killing the overhead squats was pretty amazing too.

More lectures and finishing up with the other movements. Then because we "behaved good" we were presented with a reward... "FRAN"! FACK! What is it with CrossFit and "Fran"!? It's over rated! I was not in the right mindset to tackle this workout when they announced what we would be doing. Took a couple of minutes, collected my thoughts and busted it out. Managed to complete the 21 reps of thrusters and pullups all unbroken. Then completely died on the 15 thursters, pullups were cake, dead again on the 9 thrusters, 9 pullups were cake for a time of 4:36 for my first REAL Fran. Thank you to everyone who came up afterwards to congratulate me... it means alot that you can find my performance inspiring.

More to come tomorrow... plus a TON of pictures!

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