52 days until Canada West Qualifier!

CF Lethbridge WOD for March 10, 2009:

1 min on, 1 min off for 3 Rounds:
WB Shots (14#) 29/26/26
Hose Climbs 16/15/13
Row 13/13/12
Burpees 18/16/16
50ft Shuttle Runs 11/12/13
Total Reps = 249

Proud of my results today. Mostly because of my wall ball shots... I managed to control my breathing better, calm my brain and focus on the task rather than how I felt. 29 is leaps and bounds above what I was expecting to score. Once I hit that number I was aiming for 25 and 22 in the later rounds, which I surpassed. I'm really focusing on getting this exercise better, as it is one of my weaknesses and so far I think I'm doing a good job.

Last day of fitness testing tomorrow and then I think I'm going to take a day off on Thursday to be "fresh" when I train at CF Calgary's new HQ with Lauren Pryor. Pumped up about that one!

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