37 days until Canada West Qualifiers!

CrossFit Level 1 Cert in Calgary; photo courtesy of crossfit.com

OPT WOD for March 25, 2009:
5 Rounds for points:
AMRAP Overhead Squat (95#); 60 sec rest
AMRAP Muscle Up in 60 sec; 120 sec rest
1. 12/10
2. 9/8
3. 9/11
4. 9/8
5. 8/8
Total = 92

My abs are crazy sore from the GHD situps yesterday. I'm organizing a rowing challenge here at CF Lethbridge and I feel bad because I got on the rower afterwards to put in a couple 1000m, but that was not happening because of my abs. OMG! I'm also blaming my lower scores on the OHS on my abs as well. 95# isn't crazy heavy for overhead squats, but it is only 15# away from body weight and I can get 12 of those at that weight. Pleased with my MU numbers though since I was going into the workout with a nasty tear on my wrist from working muscle ups at the cert.

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