49 days until Canada West Qualifier!

One day late, but had no computer access while I was away.
CF Calgary WOD for March 13, 2009:
2-2-2-2-2 Hang Snatch
95# for all

Felt great. Snatches are coming along. Happy with my progress since I don't have the opportunity to practice them very often, and I just learned the movement a couple months ago. Need to remember to use my hips alittle more powerfully EVERY time and not hold back. Less "pretty" more power.

Nice to see the new Calgary location, meet some new people, and throw around some weights (especially since I was allowed to drop them). Keep in touch Lauren, it was great to finally meet you and lift a little together.
Participating tonight in the 2009 Moonlight Run - 6km. First ever run... not too excited, can't say that I'm looking forward to it. But the faster I run, the faster it's over right!

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