Two Today

6am - WOD 1
5 Rounds for Time:
7 Squat Cleans (95#)
21 Pullups

Weight lifting in metcons... always a struggle of mine! I can manage weights overhead pretty good (press, push press, jerks), but anything else is a struggle. Need to work on my front squat and that is where my weakness seems to be. I can power clean 135#, yet that is also my 3 rep front squat weight. It'll get there I just need to work on it.

12pm - WOD 2
2 min Double Unders - 182
2 min KB Swings (1.5 pood) - 30
2 min Box Jumps @ 24" - 41

Holy smokes... here I was swinging around that HUGE kettlebell and mid-WOD I realized the stinking thing is 1/2 of my body weight! Had to open my stance a little bit wider so it would fit between my legs. Ok... that's sounds pretty awful outside of the CrossFit context, as do most things we talk about. I'm actually sort of pleased with these numbers. I know that I worked my butt off trying to control the KB rather than allowing it to pull me forward each time. Small hops forward to keep my balance here and there but I held on. Found a great pace for the box jumps towards the end of the 2 min... if only my 1st min was like my last one!

Favorite Quote: "You have the prettiest Snatch I have ever seen" ~Lauren Pryor when we trained together at CFC in March 2009.

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