63 days until Canada West Qualifiers!

CF Lethbridge WOD for February 27, 2009:
Front Squat

I love Fridays for two reasons... 1) It's the end of the week and I finally get my rest days, and 2) It's the day of the week everyone in the gym loves - "LIFT DAY"! I'm very pleased with my results today. I managed to beat my old 3 rep weight by 20#!! Great day! Right now all my maxs are going up for every lift, which is exciting.

This will be my last weekend at home for a while... the next three weekends after this one will be spent in Calgary. Coaching in two gymnastics competitions and then the CF Level 1 Cert March 21-22 which I am CRAZY EXCITED FOR! Planning on hitting up the CrossFit Calgary HQ when I'm in town March 12-14, so any crazy Calgarians send me an e-mail and maybe we can hook up for a WOD there.

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