67 days until Canada West Qualifier!

67 days... Checked the Canada West Qualifier web page today and registration is open. I jumped on that one right away! Email is in, payment in the mail. It's official with only 67 days left. That's 48 more days of training... WOW! The competition sure is creeping up on us quickly.

CF Lethbridge WOD for February 23, 2009:
Pushup Ladder (1-11) 2:54
Knees to Elbows Ladder (1-10) 2:57
Ring Dip Ladder (1-10) 6:06

Had to put your feet down between ladder rungs. So you had to do 1 knee to elbow, put your both your feet down before you could do the rung of 2, and so on. If you fractioned a rung you had to redo it. So if you were on 9 and couldn't touch your elbows (on K2E) or touched the floor, you had to stay on 9 until it was successfully completed. K2E were fairly easy... boy I am glad I was a gymnast for WODs like these. 10 K2E seem like nothing when we had to do 25 straight leg toes to bar every day when I was younger. Those ring dip though were a killer though! Major rashes and bloodied arms from rubbing on the rings. Usually I'm smart and wear a long sleeve, but it completely slipped my mind today.

BIG shout out to all my amazing little gymnasts! They had a competition in Medicine Hat, AB over the weekend and brought home the hardware! Between the 8 of them they brought home 11 golds, 7 silvers, 2 bronze, and 7 top 10 finishes. Along with 3 overall trophies. They're starting to be the ones to set the standards in our province.

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