72 days until Canada West Qualifier!

CrossFit Lethbridge WOD for February 18, 2009:
5 Rounds for Time:
10 Wall Ball Shots (14#)
10 Chest to Bar Pullups

1st shot of the first round cost me some time, as it hit the wall above the line but didn't get a very good bounce off of the wall. I had to quickly move forward to catch it and stumble back to throw again. Then fractioned the set of 10 WB Shots in the 4th round... blood throat was starting to set in. Other than that everything else was unbroken. I wanted to come off the bar so bad in the C2B pullups. My arms were burning from the WB Shots it was more difficult to grip the bar, but I just wouldn't let my self stop.

Throughout the workout different thoughts kept popping in: "don't let go of the bar", "as hard as to can the entire way through", "your arms are starting to hurt just put down the ball", "this ain't so bad", "gosh I hate wall ball shots"... Today I was able to overcome those negative thoughts that seem to always creep in (it always helps to have your coach screaming at you), but when the workout is really difficult for you how do you keep those thoughts out? Strategies?

I'm going to suffer the rest of the day with a nasty blood throat cough. The thing is though that when I get blood throat it doesn't just affect my throat. My lungs BURN! I've figured the only thing that soothes it a bit is to alternate the heat of beverages throughout the day. A couple of glasses of ice cold water, then a nice warm cup of tea, ice cold water, tea, etc.

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