71 days until the Canada West Qualifiers!

CF Lethbridge WOD for February 19, 2009:
As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 min:
350m Row
8 Pushup Burpees
8 Thrusters @ 50%BW (55#)
5 Rounds +150m Row

This was a rough one for me today. The burpees and thrusters were fairly "easy". I feel for the people who have to do heavier than RQ thrusters based on their body weight, but sure am glad I got to lift a bit lighter today. Those darn rows each round just killed me... I just couldn't breathe. I was inhaling but no air was getting in! Tough one to get through mentally and physically.

On a good note though... Old dogs can learn new tricks! I learned a double back flip off the "pit bar" last night after work. Spent 10 years in competitive gymnastics, but was too chicken to even try it UNTIL NOW! Post a new trick you've learned recently to the comments!

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