78 days left until Canada West Qualifications!

Time is surely flying by! ONLY 78 DAYS LEFT!!! As each day goes by I get more and more excited, yet nervous as heck. The Canada West Qualifications are held in Calgary at their new location that isn't open yet. I'm hoping that some time in the near future they are up and running and I can stop in for a workout to get used to the surroundings.

I'm also going to the CF Level 1 Cert held at True Fitness in Calgary March 21-22. That should be a good time... hoping to get some good coaches there and be able to see what I'm up against and how much more I have to push in training to get to where I need to be for May (and July if I make it).

CF Lethbridge WOD - February 12, 2009:
1-1-1 Back Squat
Max Chinup Hang

Back Squats were performed "Total Style", 175#P, 185#F, 180#F. Pretty happy with the 175#, as that is a 5# PR for me. Even more exciting is the fact that I was able to record a new PR with my hip injury. The hip is completely fine, but really flares up when doing heavy squating exercises. I've completely stopped doing near max back squats and front squats, as those two really hurt! It's tender right now, and will probably be sore until Monday but at least I made it through.

Max Chinup Hang performed with legs together and pointed "gymnast style" with chin just below the lip touching the bar in reverse grip. Managed a 1:32 here, should have been much higher but I wasn't mentally prepared for the effects it would have on my abs.

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