OPT Champions Series #2

Went up to Calgary yesterday and competed in the 2nd of OPT's Champions Series. Nice to see the Big Dawg crew from Calgary. Always a postive environment with them around.

For Power Output:
800m Row
Score = Ave Watts / BW
164 / 109
Glad the rowing was for power output so everyone was put on a level playing field. James is wicked smart when it comes to those sort of things. I hate rowing though. It just completely trashes me. Tried to mix up the use of my arms and legs knowing I had snatches ahead of me.
7 sets with 60#:
Power Snatch x 1
Snatch Balance x 1
OHS x 1
Hang Squat Snatch x 1
Did the first three sets unbroken, then dropped the bar. Couldn't fraction the sets or it didn't count. Could have done the first 4 unbroken then the last three. But I am happy with my time here. Could really hear the big dawgs in the room cheering me on.

AMRAP 3 min:
3 unbroken C2B Pullups
3 Burpees
48 reps
Ouch! This one was tougher than I imagined. Big thanks to Geoff and Rob C for your loud cheers. It was your voices telling me not to stop and to pick up the pace that helped me suffer through it. Plus thanks Chad for keeping track on the whiteboard. 3 minutes of pain!!!

For Time:
50 walking lunges
30 clean & jerks 95#
30 ring dips
25 wall ball shots
30 GHD situps
30 KB Swings 1pd
75 double unders
The most motivational and mind changing experience of my life. I had Chad, James FitzGerald and his wife Leighanne there cheering me on for this one. They really helped me get through it towards the end. Yelling at me to keep up the pace, Don't stop, etc. Once I got to the double unders my arms, legs and mind was so exhausted from all the work before that I could barely string 5 together (that is not like me... double unders are usually pretty easy and relaxing for me). At one point James yelled 'no stopping Kat you look fresh, keep going until it's not legit'. I definately didn't feel fresh!! Wouldn't have finished this one in the time I did without them there for me.

As soon as I finished the last rep I crumbled to the floor in exhaustion. James came over, grabbed my hand and said:

'Congrats. Keep up the good work Kat you are in the right place this year. I won't see you for a while, but good luck and keep it up.'

Those words will remain in my thoughts. The 2007 CrossFit Games Champion and one of the most influencial people in the CrossFit community believes in me. That speaks volumes to me. Not only will I continue working my butt off in persuit of my dreams, but I will work that much harder for the opportunities James has provided me that I am forever greatful for.

Results should be posted on the OPT blog in the next couple of days... I will keep you posted.

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  1. Robin says:
    November 15, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    Looks great!

  2. Bill says:
    November 15, 2009 at 12:18 PM


  3. Mike says:
    November 15, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    Awesome work, Kat! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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