Busy as always. Busy training, busy repairing, busy resting, and busy working.

Last couple of WOD have been:
October 29th
On the Minute of:
3 Squats & 39 Double Unders
6 Sq & 36 DU
9 Sq & 33 DU
12 Sq & 30 DU
15 Sq & 27 DU
18 Sq & 24 DU
21 Sq & 21 DU
24 Sq & 18 DU
27 Sq & 15 DU
30 Sq & 12 DU
33 Sq & 9 DU
36 Sq & 6 DU
39 Sq & 3 DU

November 2nd
3 Rounds:
45 Double Unders
30 KB Swings (1 pd)
15 Pullups
9:06 - Did the first round unbroken which killed the shoulders, forearms, and grip strength. Had to break it up in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I was done the first round in just over 2 min (2:01 I think). Would have been amazing if I could have kept that pace and completed it unbroken. Next time...

November 2rd
5-5-5-5-5 Hang Power Clean
Worked up to 105#. Cleans are just one of my goats. Pleased with this number considering my 1RM squat clean is 135#.

Also got some crazy great news yesterday. Sectionals for the 2010 CrossFit Games will be held at CrossFit Edmonton for my area and the Regionals at Natural High CrossFit in Okotoks. I was worried that the events would be in BC or Saskatchewan this year and if that was the case it would have been too expensive to fly to compete in those qualifiers plus to Aromas for Games. Just waiting on the dates and crossing my fingers they don't conflict with my gymnastics schedule.

And a video from a future badass Aimee Anaya's daughter Jade. Video courtesy of Catalyst Athletics.

Watch live video from California Weightlifting Fund on

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  1. Mike says:
    November 3, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Love the Chuck Taylors! Nice work on the hang PC, I bet your 1RM with the squat is a lot higher than you think!

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