day 3

Rest Day

Discussion... If you had to rank the 10 components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, accuracy, agility, balance, speed, power, strength, flexibility, stamina, and coordination) in order of most to least importance, what would be your order and why?

Why do you hold one component higher than another? Does it have to do with your own fitness levels and wishing you could do something you cannot do yet? Does it have to do with the programming we are seeing at the 2009 CrossFit Games? Or for another reason?

Speak up! I'd like to hear your answers. I will post mine later tonight.

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  1. Mike says:
    November 20, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    1) Strength; it's pretty clear from the CF games programming how essential this is. That aside, I believe this aspect has more carry over into other elements (more absolute strength will equal greater muscular endurance as lighter loads), and it is harder to develop than the rest.

    2)CV Endurance; as much as the aerobic energy system is "bashed" by those who favor HIIT and metcon style training, it's essential for A) recovery and energy utilization WHILE training, and B) those that have a greater oxidative capacity work have the ability to work at a higher power output with less anaerobic involvement (lactate threshold).

    3)Stamina, because it's simply a combo of the above two.

    The rest are a blur below these three, if only for the reason that some have a strong genetic component (flexibility), some can't be trained (maximal neuromuscular agility is topped at the latest in the early teens; priopreoception and balance CAN be trained, but it's not the same), and some just have a lot less importance.

    Power could be tied in 3rd along with stamina; it's really not a singular facet of fitness by itself.

  2. Katrina Burton says:
    November 21, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    1. FLEXIBILITY - if you can't get your body into the positions required it doesn't matter how strong or fast you are. If you can't squat below parallel then it's not a squat, if you can't straighten your elbows to lock out a split jerk/overhead squat/snatch/etc then it doesn't count anyways.
    2. STRENGTH - once you can get your body into the positions that are required then it's time to get the strength up to hit the WODs RQ. Whether it's body weight or rubber plates, strength is a must.
    3. COORDINATION - you need to piece these moves together in the correct sequence. Sure you could pull the weight off the floor and put it over head if it is light enough, but without solid coordination good luck locking out a heavy split jerk or snatch.
    4. & 5. SPEED and POWER - can't be slow and powerless in the middle of a pullup, handstand pushup, clean or snatch... simple as that.
    6. ACCURACY - need to be consistant with these movements. Your pullups should look the same each and every time as should your box jumps, muscle ups, etc. If they are different then see the items listed above... these are the issues.
    7. BALANCE - need to beable to catch that WB as it comes hurdling off the wall, just as you need to use your hands and feet to control your technique mid handstand/ohs/clean/snatch/etc
    8. CV ENDURANCE - if you don't have all of the skills listed above then it would be pointless to thow technique out the window to earn a sweat. You aren't doing the skills right anyways.
    9. & 10. - STAMINA and AGILITY

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