I competed in the 1st of 4 OPT Competitions this past weekend. For us out of towners we could video tape the workouts like the video qualifiers and send them in. Next time I will try to get to Calgary to get in on the amazing team environment.

My Score - 310 (click here for video)
Went in with a game plan, but the reps were just alittle bit too ambitious and it killed me in rounds 2 and 3. Only got 11 points below my PR though. Next FGB I will try to keep the 1st round the same and push harder in the other rounds to boost my score.

WOD 2 - OPT3
3RM Front Squat - 63.5kg (click here for squat)
2RM Snatch - 47.6kg (click here for snatch)
AMRAP Pullups - 43 (click here for pullups)
My Score - 154.1
The rules for this one forced me to get much more aggressive that I have been in the past. The snatch was not allowed to be pressed out so it forced me to get aggressive and drop under that weight. FELT GREAT! Pullup standard was chin must break the vertical plane of the bar, which is much more difficult to get higher number of reps because you have to use the gymnastics kip rather than the butterfly/circle kip.

WOD 3 - Rhiannon
As Many Double Unders in 10 minutes
My Score - 659 (click here for double unders)

Got back into training today after two days of rest. We did burpee log rolls and some rowing sprints. Felt great.

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