I apologize for not updating my blog for a while. I've been busy... coaching full time at West Wind Gymnastics, admin work to keep my Chad organized, plus trying to fit in my workouts.

Training has been going great. I'm loving training as a Big Dawg again. I feel significantly stronger and ready each day. One thing I've really noticed in the strength in my legs. Being an ex-gymnast all my strengths in CrossFit have been upper body related. They still are, but I am feeling like my legs are catching up.

I confidently back squated 192.5# yesterday for 1 easy rep (only 2.5# shy of what was a ridiculously difficult 1RM a couple months ago). I feel 200# + is quickly on it's way.

I attacked "Isabel" as a second workout last weekend (the first WOD was AMRAP 10 min of 30 unbroken wall ball shots and 30 unbroken double unders). I full snatched each and every rep and had to lower the weight each time... "no dropping please" for a score of 7:14. I know I could be at least 2 minutes faster had I been allowed to drop the weight and really go for it. Loved that workout! The weight felt so light... which means I can't wait until the next opportunity to attempt a 1RM snatch.

I leave tomorrow for my gymnasts' first competition of the season, the Gym Power Invitational in Edmonton, AB. I have athletes competing Thursday evening, all day Friday, and Saturday morning. Best of luck to them all, there are a bunch where this will be there first ever competition!

Post competition, I will be driving the 5 hours home... picking up some newly purchased equipment (2 olympic bars, 1-24kg kettlebell, 1-16kg kettlebell, and some spring collars) in Calgary for the workout room I'm building in the basement and sleeping in my own bed. Bright and early Sunday morning I will be heading back up to Calgary to OPT to compete in the 3rd OPT Champions Series. Hoping to stay well rested and energized the entire weekend so I can perform my best and dare I say it... take home a third title.

I always shoot high and have big goals for myself. I plan to lay it all out on the line and give each and every workout everything I have. As James FitzGerald put it in the movie Every Second Counts: "I will die on this mat if I have to". That is exactly what I plan on doing this weekend, as a good test leading up to the 2010 CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifiers.

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  1. Bill says:
    January 20, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    I love your Spirit!

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