OPT Series #3

Home from the OPT Series #3 that I competed in on Sunday at OPT. Mentally challenging workouts!!

WOD #1 = 15 reps of Overhead Squats for max Load; 3 attempts
Best Score = 104#

WOD #2 = In 10 min, complete 2k Row and AMRAP double unders in remaining time
Score = 9:06.9 (row), 66 double unders

WOD #3 = For Time: 50 C2B Pullups & 50 Burpees
Score = 4:56

Hung out with Chad, James (OPT), and Lauren Pryor after my last WOD. Great laughs and like always interesting conversation. James let us try his new Peak Bio Organic Food Bars. They are simply amazing! You can taste the freshness compared to all the other crap bars in the stores that state they are all natural all organic. James' products are the best out there and are definately worth the price!!!

Next up for me... I'm leaving this Friday for Toronto!! Assisting Tucker with another Canadian CF Gymnastics Cert. Haven't been to Toronto for over 10 years! It will be great to have some fun out there and see my good friend Tucker. Always good to catch up with him as I haven't seen him since we were out swinging on the bars in Vancouver in October 09. PUMPED! Will try to fit my OPT programming before the days start or during lunch. Goals baby goals... I will be ready and on fire come SECTIONALS in March!

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  1. Robin says:
    January 26, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    Great video!

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