Arms are feeling it now!

Wednesday, January 6th
Daily Log
8 hours of sleep... woke up at 5:15am
Body Weight Pre-Day = 107.6 lbs
No pre-WOD meal... Started warmup at 5:40am

A.) 7 sets of:
1 strict pullup
2 L-pullups
3 butterfly pullups
4 break vertical plane pullups
5 C2B pullups
All sets unbroken. 1-2 min rest inbetween.

B.) AMSAP (as many seconds as possible) L-Sit (feet at hip height, legs straight) 3 sets; 60 sec rest between sets
21+30+31 = 102 seconds

C.) 30 seconds fast double unders; 30 sec rest x 10
Breaks are in brackets:
55, 54, 46(1), 48(1), 51, 41(3), 45(2), 42(2), 48(1), 48(1) = 478

Arms and lats are exhausted from all the pullup work. Did this one at the gymnastics club with the music blasting. Time to get used to the new surroundings and feel of the different equipment. The pullup bar has some bounce to it that I don't like too much, so that will be the biggest adjustment.

Looking into purchasing an oly bar, bumper weights and a rower in the near future. If anyone has contacts or suggestions to save some money let me know!

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  1. Robin says:
    January 7, 2010 at 9:49 PM

    We have gotten most of our equipment from Kim Layton at Spark Sport Conditioning (CrossFit Alberta in Edmonton) who runs the Rogue Canada store.

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