Doubles with No Rest

Workout from Saturday, January 10th:
Part 1:
A.) As many 1-5 ladders in 10 min of 155# back squat
I did the first ladder complete with 155#, had to bail out of the 1st rep on the next ladder. Legs were shaking like crazy. Lowered the weight to 132# and completed 1 ladder + 12 reps.

Rest 5 min

B.) BB jump squats with 30% of 1R back squat; 6 sets of 6 reps with 60 sec rest between sets
This one felt easy after the heavy backsquats before. I used 57# here.

C.) GHD Situps - 5 sets of 20 reps; 45 sec rest between sets
All unbroken. Managed to complete each 20 in 35 sec or less.

Then I was supposed to rest 8+ hours before moving onto the rest of the work out. I didn't have that choice as I had to work in the AM and the UofL gym doesn't open early on weekends. Rested about 20 minutes before I hit up this next part.

Part 2:
AMRAP double unders in 45 seconds
15 sec rest
AMRAP chin ups
2 min rest
5 sets for total points

78+22, 73+15, 88+12, 78+20, 89+22

Pullups were difficult today without chalk and the angled bars typical globo gyms have. One hold was too narrow, another hold was too wide and the grip just doesn't feel right on an angle. No excuses though... it will make me stronger!

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