113 Days Until SECTIONALS!

Received a very good question from Jason in Eastern Canada yesterday and thought I would answer it in a blog post for everyone to read.

He question was regarding to following a 'hybrid program'. For those of you who follow this blog and my training regularly you have probably noticed I follow a mixture of programming. Some CF Lethbridge WODs, some OPT WODs, and some WODs from my coach and loving boyfriend Chad Brandt.

My programming is based on three primary things... 1) my work schedule, 2) my weaknesses, & 3) my love of training with a team. It's really that simple.

1) Work Schedule
I am a full time competitive gymnastics coach and work a split shift ranging between 35-60 hours per week depending on the time of year. "Off-season" is typically June to December and competitive season is January to May. During the competitive season I am travelling nearly every weekend and working 36 hours in a matter of three days. I try to visit a CrossFit affiliate if there is one where I'm at, but their hours don't aways work with a gymnastics schedule. Most CF gyms aren't open at 6am or 8pm on weekends.

I really make a point of visiting CF Calgary if I am ever in town. Brett Marshall is a great group instructor as is James FitzGerald. Always try to drop into one of their classes if possible for some great cues and a tough workout. The last time I dropped into James' CrossFit class was during a motivational slump... he made a point of letting me know I wasn't working hard enough to reach my goal of games. That was enough for me to hear to get my butt going! James is a great motivator to me. He has become a great family friend and someone who just knows the right thing to say to me.

It gets pretty tough to get my workouts in come competitive season for work. Just to get my work in I may have to train 4 days straight to take three off, or throw in some double and triple days depending on what volume I need to get done prior to the weekends.

2) My Weaknesses
Usually I thow in some extra work on skills pre or post workout depending on how I am feeling. Just some extra strength work to build up my ability to attack the metcons. Lots of times I don't post this stuff and just have fun with it... I've been really working on my front & back levers, handstand pushups on paralettes, iron cross, bench press, and snatch grip deadlift lately.

3) Team Training
If I had the motivation to attack workouts everyday by myself I would strictly follow James' programming. I've tried that twice before and I personally wasn't getting the results I was hoping for. James is an amazing programmer, trainer, nutritionist, you name it and he's most likely one of the best at it. Following his site solely wasn't working for me because I can't handle training by myself. I can handle a week at a time before I'm lonely and bored. I like having the music blaring, training side by side with other crazy athletes and fighting for that finish line. Hearing other people scream and fight through the same pain I'm going through works wonders on my brain.

I'm incredibly lucky though in that the crew I usually train with at 6am is full of top dogs. There are usually 3 or 4 guys that really push me. Plus, I like kicking the pants off the boys! I don't just want to be the best girl in the gym...

Do I think there are better and more scientific programs out there... oh ya! But I've found what is working for me. I check James' blog everyday to see what he's programming and what he feels is important to develop a top athlete. I usually put these elements in my warm ups or skill practice time, but in the past there has been alot of my strengths (which just so happen to be alot of people's weaknesses).

I have been recording ALOT of PRs in metcons as well as max rep lifts in these past couple of months since the 2009 Games. Whatever maddness I am doing it seems like it is working for me.

I hope this sort of answered your question, Jason. But I also hope that this opened up alot of new questions from other readers. Please post your comments and questions. I am always listening.

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