100 days until SECTIONALS!

WHAT!? Only 100 more days! Tomorrow we will be down to double digits, which means I must hamper down big time. Foods, sleep, stress, and workouts must all be dialed in for these next couple of months to get a great showing at the Sectionals. I keep saying this is MY YEAR. Time to act on it.

WOD from Thursday, December 17th:
20 Rounds for Time:
3 Burpees
5 Squats

Beat my old time on this workout by 59 seconds, so I am pleased. What is even better is that I beat my old time by 59 seconds while feeling really under the weather with a sore throat and zero energy.

WOD from Friday, December 18th:
500m Row Sprint
Then; 3RM Split Jerk

WOW! This one was painful. My legs cramped so bad in the row that I stopped (who the f%*# stops in a 500m row) and contemplated continuing. I finished it and salvaged a 2:03.0 WTF!
3RM split jerk wasn't quite as bad... 115#. No pausing with the weight on your chest as it comes down you have to jerk it right back up again metcon style.

I will be tackling Barbara later today despite having a good time at the Kesthely's Xmas party last night. No hopes for a PR or anything, just hoping I can finish withot throwing up.

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