The last couple of days we've been having a mini-competition to celebrate moving into the new 5000 sq foot facility.

Thursday was 10 rounds of Cindy for time. Score = 8:05
Friday was "Annie" followed by 8 minutes of rest and then Diet Grace (75#).
Annie Score = 4:32
Diet Grace Score = 2:37

Total Score = 15:14

Alittle sore from these WODs... Then today it was one of the clients birthday so he got to choose the WOD... Task Priority FGB @ 20 reps. Managed to get 17:34!! I am more than please with this score! My regular FGB score is 321 and I usually get 40-50 box jumps each round, so about 1/2 of my score is comprised of box jumps. The task priority forced the game plan out the window and work hard on the things I'm bad at, which are alot of the movements in FGB. It allowed me to think of new goal numbers to hit next time FGB comes up. Also makes me wonder if I should barely row and just take the 2 minutes of rest instead.

Can't wait to attack the WODs next week!!!

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