I spent this past week in Fort McMurray with a group of my gymnasts for a training camp at my old gym. It was a great experience for them all having tons of girls at their level and doing the same skills as them. I think it really pushed them to be better because they were no longer the best ones anymore.

A couple of them learned some new skills too! Alyssa got her kip to straight body handstand and did backhandsprings on the low beam by herself. Emma got her backhandspring back layout stepout on the floor and worked hard on some great tumbling and vault drills. Zoe got to try giants in straps with spot and also did some great tumbling drills. Seanna also got to try giants in straps with spot and worked really hard on the cast to handstand drills they all did.

We will definately go back next year and try to arrange another van full of girls to come with us too.

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