Now That's What I was Waiting for!!

After yesterday's workout (tabata pullups, pushups, situps, double unders and walking lunges) I was feeling pretty sluggish this morning. My elbows and arms were sore from all the fast circle pullups and I was yawning the entire warmup.

Today our WOD was:
For Time:
21 OHS (65#)
42 Pullups
15 OHS
30 Pullups
18 Pullups

The 21 and 9 overhead squats were unbroken, the set of 15 was broken at 8. For some reason the 15s are what kill me in every workout. It's just a complete mental thing. There was no need to put the bar down but I did. And the the pullups were broken slightly. One break in the set of 42, one break in the set of 30 and two breaks in the set of 18.

After I finished Chad yelled me my time. I had to ask again because I didn't think I heard him correctly!! Prior to the workout I was hoping for sub 12 minutes! Boy was I way off my guessing game! Like Chad said... it helps to be really good at both movements. I thought that too until I had a date with RYAN (5 rounds of muscle ups and burpees). I love the two movements apart but it was the combination that was deadly. So I thought RYAN would be the same. Not so bad at all!!

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