CF Gymnastics Cert

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Starting to get pretty busy.

First big news... CF Lethbridge is opening a new location. It's 5000 sq feet of gym space!! 10 Oly Platforms, tons of pullup space, sweet wall ball targets similar to those at CrossFit Calgary, social area, etc. This place is huge!! So I've been busy in my spare time over there helping get it ready to move in for August 4th.

Also, this past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the CF Gymnastics Cert as an assistant coach with Tucker. I had a blast demoing and teaching everyone some progressions and movements. 2 days of handstands, swinging, and just squeezing the body tight like it's meant to be was great!! I will probably never laugh as hard as I did that weekend. I'm telling you that the gymnastics cert is alot of fun and a tons of laughs. It is worth more than the $600 HQ charges for it.

Post to comments if you want to get the CF Gymnastics Cert at your gym and I'll make it happen!

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