19 days to go!!

19 more days until my first official Olympic lifting meet...

A.) Snatch 80% x1 x3; Rest 2 min - 100#

Aug 2, 2010 - Snatch 80% 100# from Katrina Burton on Vimeo.

Aug 2, 2010 - Snatch 80% 120# Side View from Katrina Burton on Vimeo.

B.) Clean & Jerk 75%  x1 x4; Rest 2 min - 125#

Aug 2, 2010 - C&J 75% 125# from Katrina Burton on Vimeo.

C.) Snatch Pull 105% x1 x2; Rest 2 min - 125#
D.) Snatch Grip Deadlift 115% x1 x1; Rest 2 min - 140#
E.) Front Squat 90% x2 x3; Rest 3 min - 140#

Other than training Chad and I have just been enjoying the summer and all the great movies that go along with it. The other night I rented 'Surrogate'... what an amazing movie. I never heard of it, I just happened to go into the movie store since I was in the neighborhood (getting ice cream from Marble Slab... Swiss Chocolate with Skor Pieces) and the movie was in the top 10 rental list so I figured it should be good. Watched that with a huge summer lunch platter... pepperseed salami, garlic salami, dill havarti, green pepper, blueberries, cucumber and for dessert peanut M&Ms!

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