18 days to go!!

A.) Power Snatch 91% x1 x2; Rest 2 min - 85#
B.) Power Clean & Push Jerk 91% x1 x2; Rest 2 min - 135#
C.) Build to A Heavy Single of Snatch Balance - 150#

Man... began the training session a bit frustrated because my snatch feels HORRIBLE! Not sure what it is, but the past couple of days it just doesn't seem right. An 85# power snatch should be a cake walk but today it felt awkward and heavy.

Cleans (and anything pressing overhead) has felt pretty quick and "easy" the past week. 135# went overhead nicely.

Definitely pretty stoked about the snatch balance though! Huge PR for me on that one. I'm pretty sure my last 1RM was 135# or something around there.

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