CFC WOD on June 7, 2009:
Hang Clean 125#

I know I'm capable of more. It's just frustrating when the limiting factor in increasing my squat clean is my darn front squat! I have the power and the quickness to get under the bar, I just get stuck. My last 1RM front squat is 135#... I can power clean that weight relatively easily. I can overhead squat MORE than front squat. Wierd! Need to get this figured out... no one seems to have any suggestions other than 'work on your front squat'.

CFLA WOD on June 8, 2009:
A1.) 400m Row for Time = 1:32
4 min Rest
B1.) Row time divided by 3 = reps.... 132/3=44 reps of each
For Time:
44 Knees to Elbows
44 Push Press (65#)
44 Double Unders

Motored through the knees to elbows, then I really started to speed up those push presses but after 25 of them I was slowed to 3 or 4 at a time. Double unders well ya, no issues there... one trip up because I couldn't feel my arms. I'm making a point of scaling up all of the workouts this year with loads. Today's WOD called for 55# push press. After the fact, I wish I used men's weight of 75#.

I feel like weights is where I'm falling short of really reaching my potential as a CrossFitter. My gymnastic elements are HUGE strengths for me... but few of the qualifiers this year and even last year's Games had significant numbers of those. We're seeing 200# deadlifts, 105# power cleans, 95# power snatch for large number of reps, yet no high number muscle ups, rope climbs, handstand pushups. I'd like to see the top performers of the 2008 CrossFit Games perform 30 weighted handstand pushups for time! But that won't happen anytime soon. As much as gymnastic elements are a huge part of CF I'm finding the focus is more on seeing how much weight can they make people throw around.

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