Nervous Ramblings

Today is the day. The day our Sectional WODs are announced. I'm nervous. I wasn't nervous at all until yesterday. What triggered it was seeing the British Columbia Sectional WODs... CRAZINESS! The weekend is almost here and I feel very well prepared, yet still nervous about what comes up. Everyone has their weaknesses and while I have improved drastically on mine (140# to 170# front squat, 125# to 150# power clean, 2:01 to 1:57 500m row, 190# to 210# back squat all in 2 months!), there are still somethings that would scare me if they came up.

I'm trying to be positive and go into this weekend in a totally different mindset then I did last year. I am going into this year with the goal of qualifying and getting in that top 10 at the CrossFit Games. This is an incredibly difficult task, yet I believe in myself and my capabilities. I will definately need a little luck on my side with what pops up in the workouts, but doesn't anyone? My main goal this year is to support my fellow Big Dawgs and create a larger team atmosphere. People will know the Big Dawgs are in the house!