Not What I was Expecting

My favorite Olympic Weightlifter, Melanie Roach... Why is she my favorite? Well she used to be a competitive gymnast before turning to the sport of Olympic Lifting. She is the first American to Clean & Jerk two times her bodyweight!!

Today's workout was exactly the reason why you can't make your game plan based on the numbers and scores other people are posting!

10 Rounds of Time:
(cannot push the weight down until one arm is complete)
Right SA DB Power Snatch 30# x1
Right SA DB OHS x1
Right SA DB Split Jerk x1
Right SA DB Thruster x1
Right SA DB Front Squat x 1
Left SA DB Power Snatch x1
Left SA DB OHS x1
Left SA DB Split Jerk x1
Left SA DB Thruster x1
Left SA DB Front Squat x1

I went in thinking that this one will obviously get harder as the rounds go by... simply not the case for me. My balance was good with the one DB overhead in the OHS and both arms were equally balanced in terms of strength. I rocked this one!! I really enjoy these weight complex type workouts (well at least when it is a weight I can manage).

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