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It's been a busy couple of weeks. I've been meaning to sit down and update my blog, but something comes up that is more important and posting gets pushed to the side.

Couple of items from training lately:

Visited CF Lineage last weekend while I was in Edmonton for my athlete's Provincial Championships... "Grace" was the workout of the day. Before then, I had only ever done "Grace" once and it was pretty difficult for me. My time before was 4:06 with the majority of the jerks performed split jerk style and alot of drops from over head. That day at CF Lineage was different though... I was in the zone. Nothing could distract me and I had my mind focused on the task at hand. Typically in high rep count weighted exercises my mind wanders and I find myself focusing on my breathing and how tired I am rather than the task... not this time! Busted out a BLAZING 10 reps unbroken right out of the gate and ended up with a time of 2:04!! Very stoked about that one!!

Also did some nice grueling hill sprints yesterday. I'm not typically happy when I have to run. I usually find it boring and I don't exhurt myself as much as I should because I would rather be doing something else. But that wasn't the case yesterday. I warmed up with a 10 min trail jog out the back of our house to the steepest coulee hill I could find. Not too hard to find a steep hill in Lethbridge. The location and scenery was so beautiful that I couldn't NOT enjoy myself. 8 sets of 25 sec hill sprint followed by 3min 35sec rest. During the rest time I walked back down the hill and managed to snap some pictures on my BlackBerry to post.

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