Sore all over!

I sit on my couch unable to move. My butt and legs hurt from back squats and deadlifts, my biceps hurt from a gazillion pushups, my abs hurt from 100 GHD situps for time... you get the picture I'M FRIGGIN SORE!!

Yesterday's WOD was:
A1.) High Bar Back Squat @ 40X1; 4-6 reps x 5; rest 90 sec
A2.) L-Pullups @ 2121; amrap x 5; rest 90 sec
132#(6)/8LPU, 155#(5)/5LUP, 167#(4)/5LUP, 167#(3)/3LPU, 145#(6)/3LUP
B.) DB Split Squats @ 3131; 5-7 reps/leg x 4; rest 45 sec between legs
30#/h - 35#/h - 37.5#/h - 40#/h... 5 reps for all
C.) 100 GHD Situps for Time
Nearly 50 sec faster than the last time I did this one last week! Took more breaks throughout, but the intensity was much higher. I didn't worry as much about falling out of the crappy GHD they have at the U, as I was wearing my Oly shoes this time around and filled up more of the foot space.

Today's WOD:
4 Sets of:
A1.) 15 Touch & Go Deadlifts unbroken; rest 10 sec
A2.) 10 Kipping P-Bar Dips; rest 10 sec
A3.) 10 Chest Slap Pushups; rest 180 sec
110#/UB/4,2,2,2 = 1:52
115.3#/UB/2,2,1,1,1,2,1 = 2:02
121#/UB/4,1,2,1,1,1 = 2:09
126.5#/UB/4,2,1,1,2 = 2:00
4 sets of:
B1.) 25 unbroken Back Extensions; rest 10 sec
B2.) 25 Pushups; rest 90 sec
1:34, 1:49, 1:59, 1:53
C.) 5 min amrap Double Unders
Not pleased with this score... but I had nothing else to give. My arms were completely exhausted from the 140 pushups done earlier and the handles kept falling out of my hands.
D.) Practice Strict Handstand Pushups for 5 min
Did some negatives because I tried to push myself back up but I was just not going to move anywhere. Arms had nothing let to give.

The drive home from the gym was interesting. It was the first time I ever thought that I hope I don't have to suddenly stop or swerve out of the way of something because it was just not going to happen. Turning corners were interesting enough.

Check out the picture slide show on the left column... I've added some pictures from the CF Gymnastics cert last weekend!

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  1. CrossFit40 says:
    February 15, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Inspiring Kat! We'll be watching :-)

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