inspired, 40 days, and a work in progress

This past weekend has been full of ups and downs watching the Olympics. Congrats to canada's first ever hold medalist on home turf - Alexandre Bilodeau! I knew he was going to have a solid run just looking at his face before he pushed down the hill. That's the thing about elite athletes... When they are on you can see it. They have this glow about them. I call it the winners glow. And alexandre had it last night!

Last Friday was the tragic luge accident, where a Georgian athlete died during a training run. He put everything on the line in pursuit of his dreams... That is a hero if you ask me. Our big dawg WOD on saturday was created to honor him.
3 rounds for time:
35 DB deadlifts (50#/h)
1k row
50 knees to elbows

Each time it became difficult I just told myself to press on, push through for excellence... Something that Nodar will no longer have the opportunity to do. RIP Nodar.

My rogue weights arrived this past week so I should be able to do some workouts in my home gym. My equipment down there includes: pullup bar, squat rack, 3 benches, 45# oly bar, pair of 45# bumpers, pair of 35# bumpers, pair of 25# bumpers, pair of 10# bumpers, pair of 5# iron plates, pair of 2.5# iron plates, 14# dynamyx med ball, concept 2 rower, 15# DBs, 25# DBs, 35# DBs, 16kg kettlebell, & 24kg kettlebell. Good base to train with. Its awesome in there. The only thing I am missing is a GHD which I'm searching for :)

This next weekend I will be in medicine hat for my gymnasts next invitational meet. Looking forward to it! We practiced today and my girls are looking great! I'm trying to get a workout in at the CrossFit affiliate while I am there.

40 days until central Canada qualifier!

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